Protect Voting Rights

In the spirit of democratic principles and the pursuit of justice, our campaign stands firmly behind the ideals of the late Congressman John Lewis and the urgent need to protect and strengthen the democratic process. We proudly endorse and champion the enactment of The John Lewis Voting Rights Act, recognizing its significance in safeguarding the fundamental right to vote for all Nebraskans.

Restoration of the Voting Rights Act

  • Advocate for the restoration of the Voting Rights Act, reinforcing its critical role in preventing discriminatory voting practices and ensuring fair representation.

Modernizing Voting Procedures

  • Support measures to modernize voting procedures, embracing technological advancements to enhance accessibility without compromising security.

Expansion of Early Voting

  • Champion the expansion of early voting options to accommodate the diverse needs and schedules of Nebraska citizens.

Ensuring Accessible Polling Places

  • Advocate for policies that guarantee accessible and secure polling places, removing barriers for individuals with disabilities and underserved communities.

Combating Voter Suppression

  • Actively work against any legislation or practices that could suppress voters’ rights, particularly those aimed at disenfranchising minority communities.

Protection of Mail-In Voting

  • Safeguard the option of mail-in voting, recognizing its importance in providing a secure and convenient voting method for all eligible Nebraskans.

      Expansion of Voter Education Programs

      • Promote initiatives to educate voters about their rights, the voting process, and the importance of civic engagement, ensuring an informed electorate.

      Non-Partisan Redistricting

      • Advocate for non-partisan redistricting processes to eliminate gerrymandering, promoting fair representation and preventing the manipulation of electoral boundaries.

      Collaboration with Stakeholders

      • Work collaboratively with state and local officials, community leaders, and advocacy groups to develop and implement policies that align with the principles of The John Lewis Voting Rights Act.

      Engage in Public Outreach

      • Conduct town hall meetings, public forums, and educational campaigns to engage Nebraskans in discussions about the importance of voting rights and the proposed reforms.

      Legislative Advocacy

      • Lobby for the passage of The John Lewis Voting Rights Act in the Nebraska Senate, emphasizing its significance in upholding democracy and ensuring every eligible voter’s voice is heard.

      Monitoring and Accountability

      • Establish mechanisms for monitoring the implementation of voting rights policies, holding accountable those who seek to undermine the democratic process.

      In embracing The John Lewis Voting Rights Act, our campaign reaffirms its commitment to democracy, equality, and the preservation of every Nebraskan’s right to participate in the electoral process. Together, we will build a stronger, more inclusive democracy for the people of Nebraska.

      #VoteForJustice #ProtectOurVote