Upholding Nebraska Agriculture – A Commitment to the Farm Bill

Securing Stable Funding for Risk Management

  • Advocate for sustained and increased funding for risk management programs within the Farm Bill, offering Nebraska farmers financial stability in the face of market uncertainties and extreme weather events.

Supporting Family Farms and Rural Economies

  • Fight for targeted funding and incentives for family-owned and small-scale farms in Nebraska, recognizing their unique contributions to the state’s agricultural landscape and rural communities.
  • Propose measures to ease regulatory burdens on family farms, fostering growth and sustainability.

Investing in Rural Infrastructure and Connectivity

  • Push for expanded investments in rural infrastructure projects, particularly in Nebraska’s rural areas, focusing on improving broadband access, transportation networks, and energy efficiency to boost economic development.

Conservation Programs for Sustainable Agriculture

  • Advocate for the extension and enhancement of conservation programs to support Nebraska farmers in adopting sustainable agricultural practices that preserve soil health, protect water resources, and promote biodiversity.

Promoting Agricultural Innovation and Technology

  • Support research and development initiatives in Nebraska’s agricultural sector, with a focus on precision farming technologies, renewable energy solutions, and the development of crops resilient to the region’s unique climate challenges.

Addressing Rural Healthcare Needs

    • Fight for policies that address the healthcare disparities in rural Nebraska, ensuring farmers and their families have access to affordable healthcare services, including mental health resources tailored to the challenges of rural life.

Expanding Market Access for Nebraska’s Agricultural Products

  • Work to open new markets, both domestic and international, for Nebraska agricultural products, fostering economic growth for local farmers and contributing to the state’s overall economic vitality.

Climate-Resilient Agriculture

  • Advocate for initiatives that help Nebraska farmers adapt to and mitigate the impacts of climate change, supporting the development and implementation of practices that enhance resilience in the face of changing weather patterns.

Protecting and Strengthening SNAP and Food Assistance Programs

  • Oppose any cuts to critical food assistance programs like SNAP, recognizing their importance in supporting Nebraska families and maintaining food security in the state.

Ensuring Equitable Access and Inclusivity

  • Prioritize policies that address historical inequities in agriculture, promoting inclusivity and providing targeted support to historically disadvantaged farmers in Nebraska, including women and minority-owned farms.

By championing these policy points, we aim to fortify Nebraska’s agricultural sector, supporting our farmers, rural communities, and the continued prosperity of our great state