Preston Love, Jr., M.P.S., is a distinguished thought leader in civil activism, history, and economic development, known for his dedication to fostering economic inclusion and community engagement.


WHY I’m running

I am running for the United States Senate because I’ve seen, witnessed, and heard repeatedly, that privileged leadership does not work for the people.  Currently Nebraska is a state where all its federal and state elected officials are dominated by one party.  That doesn’t work for all of Nebraska.  Neither urban nor greater rural Nebraska.  Our respective communities have a multitude of disparities that are not being addressed by our current systems and one-party rule.  I am running, putting people over privilege and to fight for All Nebraskans.

On the issues

Preston Love Jr is running to fight for affordable healthcare, real federal dollars, jobs, and real results that address the needs of ALL Nebraska communities

Impact Change

Be a driving force behind policies that matter to you and your community. Your efforts will contribute to shaping a brighter future for Nebraska and the entire nation.


Join our campaign for events all around Nebraska

“Now is the time for the people from all of Nebraska to be represented in the senate not just the privileged.”